Dr. Michael Saruna, DDS.

Dr. Saruna was born and raised in Windsor and is a graduate of Walkerville High School. He left Windsor and completed his undergraduate studies at The University of Western Ontario with a B.Sc. in Biology. He left Canada to earn his doctorate at  The Autonomos University of Guadalajara  and train at The University of California (U.C.L.A.)  School of Dentistry.
After completing his formal training, Dr Saruna returned to Windsor where for over 30 years he has built his practice while continuing his post-graduate training. Although trained and experienced in various philosophies of thought in regard to the management of the temporomandibular joint, it was while attending The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies in 1998 where Dr Saruna was introduced to Neuromuscular Dentistry and immediately thereafter began an intensive postgraduate education into the neuromuscular management of Temporomandubular Disorder. ” I was attending classes on cosmetic dentistry at the time, and I was having problems with my own jaw joint. I wasn’t unable to find any relief in Windsor, in fact, I was told things like TMD was a psychological problem or I’d have to learn to live with it. When my problems were relieved at the Las Vegas Institute using neuromuscular principals, I was convinced!” Dr. Saruna is a graduate of The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and a committed practitioner in neuromuscular concepts of dental care. He has experienced tremendous success with patients experiencing head, neck and facial pain through the use of multidisciplinary networking and state-of-the-art computerized technology. Dr Saruna ‘s philosophy is a conservative, non surgical and preventive approach for long term comfort and overall health.
Dr.  Saruna had the opportunity to train with Dental Lasers and was amazed at the profound effects on healing and regrowth of the gums and jaw bone.  He purchased his first laser in 2004 and hasn’t looked back. He is now on his third laser and holds  Mastership Certification  from the World Clinical Laser Institute.
Dr. Saruna is of the belief that education is only the beginning. ” What is required is the acceptance of the fact that knowledge is expanding at a fantastic rate, as well as a willingness to adapt and to incorporate these paradigm shifts, techniques and technologies into daily practice. This, together with a long-standing personal dedication to improving people’s dental health is required to bring functional health and beauty to ones patients.”
On a more personal note, Dr. Saruna consumes a mainly raw ketogenic diet, with the belief that lack of proper nutrition is the single greatest cause of health problems ranging from decreased IQ to Cancer, Diabetes and Obesity. Dr. Saruna also speaks three languages fluently which provides a great comfort to many of his patients. He also enjoys running, power boating, and is a Padi Certified Master Scuba Diver.