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Healthy Children and Forever Smiles

Limit processed foods and avoid refined sugars in candies, juices and sodas.

Be vigilant about chronic mouth breathing, snoring and recurrent tonsil infections. It is very critical that every child breathes through the nose, as opposed to mouth breathing. Mouth breathing causes dry mouth, cavities and gum inflammation, visible both as swelling and bleeding. It also  decreases the quality and quantity of oxygen available to the growing brain and body. Nasal breathing  allows proper growth and development of the jaws and the bite and potentially avoiding the need for orthodontics.

Speech Impairment
Sometimes a child may have difficulty in speech due to the tongue being overly attached to the floor of the mouth. Early intervention is important for proper swallowing, chewing and speech. We take care of this issue efficiently with the laser using minimal anesthetic and no stitches required.

Habits like Thumb & Finger Sucking
We can make appliances that will help eliminate these habits which have deleterious effects on jaw development and the bite.

Prevention of Cavities
Brush  twice a day after meals or after every meal if the diet consists of highly processed, sugary and sticky foods.

Dental Care During Pregnancy

The significance and safety of Dental care during pregnancy has been substantiated by American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Dental Association, with ample research and scientific literature to back it up.  Great oral health and control of oral disease protects a woman’s health and quality of life before and during pregnancy with potential to reduce the transmission of pathogenic bacteria from mothers to their children.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can effect the gums, making them slightly swollen and bleeding can be noticeable during brushing. The timing of this care is crucial. The most common complications of pregnancy include spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), preterm birth, preeclampsia (pregnancy induced hypertension or high blood pressure) and gestational diabetes.