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Preventive Dental Care

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Thorough bi-annual examinations are recommended to make sure oral health is maintained at the optimum levels. It is very important that these follow up appointments are kept to ensure prevention of more serious problems.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Early detection is critical when it comes to saving lives. Very thorough examinations are done to detect any signs of possible oral cancer in all patients irrespective of whether you  smoke or not. We encourage patients to call if lesions,  ulcers or growths on the lips or in any area within the mouth are noticed but do not go away within a week or so.

Radio-graphic Cavity and Bone levels Monitoring

Digital radiographs expose patients to 90% less radiation compared to the traditional film radiographs and have higher resolution. We use annual radiographs to detect cavities (caries) early and make a decision to treat it conservatively. Bone around each tooth can be assessed regularly to make sure there is little or no bone loss and in case of bone loss, appropriate treatments are done to prevent further deterioration that can lead to tooth loss.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease Prevention

Detailed measurements are made to monitor the health of the gums around every tooth for, gum recession, bleeding, pocket depths, tooth mobility and bone levels. Halitosis (bad breath) can be a sign of oral and or systemic problems and cause social embarassment. It’s important to find the “cause” and then treat it appropriately.

Proper Brushing

The second most important habit to protect your teeth, eating properly being the first. We review brushing, flossing and other techniques used to ensure you are maximizing your efforts. Your goal is to touch every single exposed surface of the tooth both above and below the gumline with enough force to physically disturb the plaque layer, at least once every 24 hours. We’ll even give you a free electric toothbrush!

Prophylactic Cleanings and Polishing

Healthy gums and teeth can be cleaned with ultrasonic and hand instruments gently to remove the tartar and plaque. Stains accumulated by foods and beverages can be polished to maintain a pristine, healthy look.

TMJ (Jaw Joint exam)

The jaw joints need to be checked regularly for clicking and popping to ensure Temporo- mandibluar Joint disorders are caught early on.

Monitor the Mouth Body Connections

Research has very well established evidence that the Gum Disease can effect Diabetes, Heart Dsease, Respiratory Health, Pregnancy, Auto Immune Diseases and vice versa. For e.g. a pre-diabetic status can change quickly if that person has a tooth or gum infection and treating it can restore the sugar levels to normal. A baby can be born low birth weight if the mother has gum inflammation and infection during pregnancy that was left untreated. Snoring, along with undiagnosed and untreated sleep apnea can have devastating effects on the rest of the body. Dr. Saruna is very vigilant about investigating all such connections and getting the appropriate assistance from the medical community.

Growth and Development Monitoring for Kids and Teens

Dr. Saruna studies the growth and development of children, and is trained in diagnosis and treatment planning with respect to the genetic tendencies the child may have with the environmental influences they grow in. This interaction of genes and the environment is called Epigenetics and is the key in understanding bite problems, airway obstructions, postural compensations and temporomandibular joint (jaw joint).