Senior Care

As the medical profession continues to make advancements, our population has been seeing greater life spans and better control of once dreaded dieases to make our quality of life better.

Our increasing number of seniors is a testament to how far the medical profession has come. With longer lifespans come more situations unique to dentistry. Our older patients are taking more medications than ever. They are, however, more mobile than ever, with lifestyles to match.

We understand that certain parts of the aging process can affect the oral environment. As our bones and teeth get older, they get more brittle. They are more prone to fracture. The old dental work often has lasted well, but was not meant to last forever and must be replaced. It can be difficult for our aging patients to perform their oral hygiene routines as effectively. Some of the medications they might be taking can affect their teeth and gums, and some of their medical problems, whether controlled or not can also affect the mouth.

We are well trained in how to help our older patients cope with these problems. We take special care with our geriatric patients to keep their mouths as healthy as possible. We will review the conditions and medications of our patient, and adjust our treatments accordingly. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to get our aging patients out and around, so we will try to keep the number of appointments for treatment at a minimum. We will try to avoid invasive procedures when possible. Of course, we will help our elderly with any hygiene concerns they may have.

We also understand that with their situation often comes a change in financial status. Our caring staff will help arrange a treatment plan tailored to what our seniors are comfortable with financially.

It is our goal to keep this treasured segment of our population as dentally healthy as possible.