Sport Enhancement Dentistry

The MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS mouthguard  (MPS) is an athletic enhancement appliance, designed with the technology to immediately improve balance, endurance and maximize strength. In addition, similar to traditional mouthguards, the MPS also protects the teeth and jaw and reduces the risk of concussion in the event of a high impact collision.

The Science behind the (MPS)

In the majority of the population, the lower jaw is not in an optimal position. This misalignment creates tension in the muscles and prevents the muscles in the upper body from working at their full potential. The MPS aligns the jaws in the optimal position, relaxing the muscles and improving muscle recruitment and vertebrae alignment. The result is improved upper body strength and balance.

In addition, by increasing upper airway space, it is easier to breathe freely allowing for improved oxygenation and better endurance.

Within a range of sports, from football and golf to rugby and tennis, the use of these methods has shown to improve postural alignment, increase accuracy and aim, as well as heightening strength for athletes of all levels. Sports mouthguards built on neuromuscular principles do not give an athlete unnatural ability like steroids do. Rather, the sports mouthguards that Dr. Saruna provides unlock the innate athletic potential that may be inhibited by a misaligned TMJ.